Hello and thank you for stepping by this blog. I am a painter and art instructor. I was born and grew up in Minsk, Belarus, then in my 20's I moved to France where I've lived since.

I created this blog to share my inspirations, a few words, perhaps poetry, in short, everything that could, in my opinion, make our life more beautiful. Every day we are surrended by ephemeral images, we just need to open our eyes and our hearts to see their beauty.

Painting is my passion, I wanted to do it since I was little girl, but my life went so that I could not be entirely involved in art earlier.  Yet I was always attracted by art, drawing or painting, and looked incessantly at the masters, the great Russian masters in my younger years, then in France I found an incredibly rich world of art to explore in museums, galleries and  exhibitions. I live near Paris, that makes things easier!

Today, after late art studies in a private art school, I teach painting and I am happy. I paint or draw myself every day also. It's simple, if I have not taken a pencil or a brush during  the day, I feel bad. It is my way to feel alive, to truly be myself. In this blog I will show almost everything that I do, oil paintings, watercolors and sketches to incite those who may desire but are afraid to take a pencil in hand, to do so. Because we do not need to make a masterpiece whenever we take a brush in hand. We take it because we need to express ourselves it that way. It is a beautiful way of living - see the world with the eyes of artist and try to show it to others.

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Also since 2015 I have been posting my paintings on the Daily Paintworks website. 


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